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Unleash your Inner Superhero with small group personal training in Vista, CA

What it means to be Metahuman

At Metahuman Fitness we help people gain physical strength and self confidence through structured workout programs in a fun environment. Let loose and be yourself while you push yourself to get fit!

Getting in shape and making healthy decisions is hard work that gets easier over time. The process is rewarding along the way - especially at Metahuman - which makes it lots of fun! Become part of our tight knit community, where we all encourage and empower each other!


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what makes us vista's best gym

  • We are teaching you the correct form and postures for each and every exercise you do. This protects you from injuries and maximizes your results.
  • We are transforming ordinary people into superheroes by building strong bodies and minds with superpower training.
  • We are creating a community that empowers each other to get strong and healthy, while enjoying workouts, networking, parties and BBQ’s together.

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beginner bootcamp vista

Superhero Discovery

This is our beginner bootcamp that introduces gym newbies to the superhero lifestyle. Members go to 25 minute, group classes led by a trainer and complete bodyweight exercises at their own pace.

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high intensity training

Superhero Simulator

Our intermediate and advanced classes help members to hone their superhero skills & powers. These high intensity classes have opportunities to perform feats of strength, agility and endurance.

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personal training san diego

Personal Training

Want to learn to lift big? Training for an event? Recovering from an injury? If so, you can benefit from personal training sessions. We will create a custom fitness program to help you achieve your goals.

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Every Saturday at 11am- Only $5!

Equipment: Log, Atlas Stones up to 330lb, Kegs, Car Dead Lift Platform, Circus Dumbbell, Loadable Hammers, MAS Wrestling Board, Yoke, Farmer's Handles, Tractor Tires, Sled

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rated 5/ 5 from 35 customers!

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What's going on at the gym?

Lisett aka Wonder Woman's profile photo
Lisett aka Wonder Woman
Strength Goals and StrongWoman crush right here! Athena, owner of The Sox Box being a complete bad ass at California's Strongest Woman this past weekend!!

Apr 18, 2017
Metahuman Fitness's profile photo
Metahuman Fitness
So proud of Judith aka Silver Claw!! Though she didn't complete the Deadlift medley....she PRed with a 275# Deadlift!!

Apr 16, 2017