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Superhero Discovery Class

Start Your Transformation to Superhero Strength today!

Don’t have time to work out? Don't know where to start? No more excuses!

It’s time to find the super hero lurking within you with a quick boot camp boost!

These Beginners Only workouts helps you burn fat and build strength in less than 2-hours a week!

Join the fun and meet your inner superhero during one of our heart-pumping, muscle-building workouts that lasts less than 30-minutes a day 6-days a week!

Choose the Class that work best for your busy schedule.

If you’re a morning person or a night owl we’ve got a boot camp for you.

Classes are available to fit your busy schedule either before work or after work.

We limit class sizes to 15 people, so each and every person gets individual attention and training support during every session.

Find the superhero within you in less than 2-hours a week.

Burn fat and build muscle in less than 30-minutes a day up to 6-days a week.

Superhero Discovery also includes complimentary nutritional counseling and an invitation to join our exclusive Facebook group to get support and celebrate successes while building a community of developing superheroes.

weight loss success story
weight loss success story

Superhero Simulator

This is our premier superhero training course to make you strong and mighty!

This is where you develop your super powers, once you’ve built up some strength and endurance in either our 21 Day Jump Start or our Bodyweight Boot Camp.

We will test your limitations and challenge you to leap out of your comfort zone to build strength and endurance, so you’re prepared to come to the rescue when needed one day.

  • Specialized small group training of 6-10 members max
  • 45-60 minutes of Circuit training
  • Have a blast playing with fun toys like battle ropes, kettle bells, kegs, tractor tires and Atlas Stones.
  • Hybrid Functional Training builds strength, agility and flexibility using your body’s own range of motion with freeweight equipment such as dumbbells, barbells, and leg presses.
  • Form follows function, that’s why each and every member gets personal trainer attention during each and every class. This prevents injuries and enhances results.
  • Weight and measurements are taken to track results.
  • Classes are available 5-days a week on weeknights and Saturday mornings.
  • Most effective way to build strength while also burning fat!

Personal Training

Take the fast track to your fitness success!

Get the personal attention you need to reach your fitness goals in the most cost effective way with a certified personal fitness trainer.

If you want to look good in a swim suit or super hero costume at the next Comic-Con Convention this is the fastest way to tighten up your buns and flatten your tummy.

  • It starts with a FREE assessment during your private consultation to set your goals.
  • Your Certified Personal Trainer plans out a personalized fitness program customized for your fitness level and goals.
  • 1-3 clients work with a personal trainer through a 45-60 minute training session.
  • Nutritional guidance is provided to maximize the results of your training sessions and improve your eating habits.
  • Each client is encouraged to provide their trainer a food journal.
  • Weight and measurements are taken to track results.
  • Each client’s fitness program is evaluated and modified monthly to increase challenging their bodies as they grow stronger and leaner.
  • We focus on problem areas and specific goals for each client – for example, reshaping your body or rehabilitating and strengthening your back/hip/knees/shoulder after surgery.
  • Join our Facebook group to celebrate successes, get support, make new friends and stay connected.

Even if you can't workout here with us in Vista, you can still become healthier by taking a FREE HIPAA compliant health assessment or by taking one of our 28-day transformation challenges.

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