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Who is “Wonder Woman” Lisett?

Wonder Woman LisettLisett was not always the strong Woman you see today.Hers is an inspiring story about a shy, little, ugly duckling that grew into a confident swan.Plagued with asthma, a sweet tooth and excess weight growing up, Lisett was a shy, insecure, chubby teenager who was depressed. Then something happened.

One day she made a commitment to herself. She was going to get healthy and fit no matter what. It was not an easy journey for her at first. She cried and yelled and struggled through the process of moving her body and getting more active and fit. But, no matter how hard it was or how much it hurt, she never gave up. She hung in there. She was determined. It paid off!

She started to see results. Her asthma disappeared!Her results motivated her to do more, so she started lifting weights. Lifting weights changed her body in ways she never dreamed possible. She started to feel confident, like she could do anything she set her mind to.

She had proven to herself that she could do it! Eventually, family and friends noticed and asked if she could help them make the same transformation she had achieved. With some coaxing, encouragement and guidance from her husband David, aka- Superman, she decided to make it official and go pro. She invested in the most elite, highest standard personal training certification program available through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She found the challenge invigorating and empowering.

She started her personal training journey providing free training to family and friends to master her skills. Then she worked as a NASM certified personal trainer for LA Fitness, to gain diverse experience working with a variety of people of different ages and fitness levels. She was in heaven helping people get fit and confident.

Eventually, Lisett discovered that, although she loved training people to get healthy and strong, she found working in a large commercial gym to be too limiting and impersonal. She wanted to serve her clients better and give them more time and attention. So she left the security of working for LA Fitness to venture out on her own.

She started training clients outdoors and at her home, until her Superman, David came to her rescue to make her dream come true of owning her own gym. In 2014, Metahuman Fitness was born in a small neighborhood in Vista.It is a special place like none other. Lisett wanted to serve the shy introverts in a creative and fun way by empowering them to unleash their inner super heroes in a small, intimate, safe, judgment-free zone.

As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer who is CPR/AED certified, Lisett is truly a Wonder Woman who is passionate about rescuing ordinary people and transforming them into superheroes by building strength and confidence one workout at a time.

Who is “Superman” Dave?

Superman DaveBelieve it or not Super Man Dave started off as a skinny short guy. Then in high school he grew like a weed and sprouted up an entire foot in only two months! Ouch!

Dave has always been an active athlete who enjoyed playing basketball and football, boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kick Boxing, MMA and even pro wrestling while growing up, but he was skinny and wanted to be bigger and stronger. So he studied nutrition and started lifting weights to grow his muscle mass.

He loved it so much he decided to become a personal trainer in the early 2000’s. Helping others develop healthy, strong, lean bodies sparked a passion in Dave. He loved seeing people get results. He loved challenging himself and empowering others to do the same, in order to build strong, healthy, lean bodies they were proud of.

But working in a huge impersonal corporate gym was taking its toll. It wasn’t his happily ever after place to make a difference. Dave found working as a personal trainer in a corporate gym environment too limiting. He couldn’t give his clients the customized individualized attention they deserved and needed. Not to mention, the pay wasn’t great either.

That’s when the seedling of a dream took root in Dave. Someday, he wanted to own his own gym so he could really give his clients the attention they deserved. Until then, he got caught up in the rat race in order to earn a buck. Eventually, his dream of owning his own gym dimmed a bit.

Then along came Lisett to save Dave’s dream. Once she got bit by the fitness bug she was hooked. She actually became Dave’s personal trainer and dusted off his dreams and polished them up a bit as she encouraged him to go for it with her by his side as partners in life and business.

Dave claims that even to this day, Lisett is the best personal trainer he has ever worked with. He encouraged her to become a certified trainer so they could open a gym together. So she did.

Dave and Lisett have both worked in corporate gyms and been appalled at how underserved and neglected those clients are. They made a promise that they would do it differently. They wanted to provide a more personal touch and handson, individualized attention that got results in record time for each and every one of their clients.

It is important to Dave that he helps his clients become the best versions of themselves because his soul-purpose is to inspire people to be greater than they currently realize they are.

Superman Dave, and his Wonder Woman wife and business partner Lisett, truly care about changing lives one workout at a time, one body at a time. They believe in you until you can believe in yourself and Unleash Your Inner Superhero.

Dave held an ISSA Personal Training Certification and is now studying under NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

He is also CPR/AED certified.